Time it was done / Es wurde Zeit getan

zu Gast im Kayoticmobil, Sommer 2020 / guest artist summer 2020, Kayoticmobil

virtual opening from St. Reling-Burns on Vimeo.

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Dwr Gwyllt/Open Water


Gallery Oriel Croesor, Penrhyndeudraeth, Wales UK

„Take a step, then another, the water laps your ankles and your mind begins to float. For some, a quick paddle ensuring your feet firmly touch the bottom is the limit to your relationship with water’s dark and treacherous mystery. Others find a space of sensory transformation, connecting your body through the cold water to inner healing.
Dive with us, learn of the anglo Saxon saint, St Ymar, and the fictitious reconstruction of the boat that carried his body along the Kent coast. Slide and fall into depths of molten-glass orbs. The hot material follows your movement, keeps hold of you before it finally freezes.
Sink, sink down to the deep pool lit only by faint light from above. fall into the mind of a woman struggling with depression, depicted by dancers from the Royal Ballay School, churning the water as they pirouette around you.
Together we will board a boat, drift through the artist’s offerings, washed up on the gallery shoreline. We feel the gravitational pull and the intertidal ebb and flow, tracing their marks on paper and creating space to talk about mental health, body image and the importance of having somewhere to feel free.“

Artistiad ~ Artists
Sarah Trillo, Phillippa Walter, Alia Jane Jenkins, Rachel Kenny-Green, Heidi Baines, Jin Young Park, Amanda Shields, Judith Eddy, Sophie Cawling, Cairi Jacks, Phill Green, Martin Gill, Elwen Brindley-Rowell, Louis-Jack Horten Stephens, Stefanie Reling-Burns